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Leading the industry with UV Flexo and VSOP technology

With 360-degree messaging and high shelf impact, these full-body labels provide colorful wrap-around coverage that conforms to the shape of the container making products stand out on the shelf.

Hammer was the first packaging printer in North America to offer high-quality Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) technology for Shrink Sleeve labels. With no plate costs, VSOP is an optimal alternative to traditional gravure printing.

State-of-the-art Mark Andy Flexo presses with superior registration are an ideal solution for shrink sleeves production. We have invested in the latest technology to ensure speed to market and exceptional quality.

Key benefits include:

  • Design changes are fast and easy - VSOP plates are made in just minutes at no cost so design changes can be made quickly and easily. Changes can even be made during a press OK and be seen running on press that same day. Easy changes make VSOP technology ideal for running limited-time promotions.

  • Tremendous cost savings - There are no plate costs with VSOP technology making design changes cost effective. We also offer combination printing for maximum efficiency in your print runs.

  • A range of unique options and combinations - A range of unique options with VSOP and Flexo - Cold Foil, UV metallic silver ink, Matte/Spot gloss for a unique look, multi-pack sleeves and much more available!

Seaming Innovation

Hammer has developed a proprietary innovation during the seaming process that produces a seam that is narrower than the industry standard. This allows us to eliminate edge-lift for a smoother finish, and avoid print gaps at the seam line when the sleeve shrinks.

Sustainable Solutions

We offer sustainable and recyclable solutions for shrink sleeve films, including deseaming technology and PET film options.
Hammer has a strong commitment to social responsibility and sustainability.  


Innovation Update: EAS & RFID Solutions

Inventory shrink costs the retail industry over $40 billion every year. Intelligent packaging is gaining in popularity to reduce theft and track products through the supply chain lifecycle.

Hammer Packaging developed in-line equipment to adhere EAS tags to the inside of shrink sleeve packaging. These hidden chips trigger retail security alarms, without compromising packaging graphics.