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Print. Convert. Insert. Deliver.

Pouch Manufacturing

Step 1: Printing. Our diverse fleet of press technology from digital, to flexo, to web offset opens a variety of opportunities for our customers to explore flexible packaging. From test market short runs to full maturity high volumes, Hammer has the technology to accommodate any stage of your project with endless customization options.

Step 2: Pouch Converting. We have invested in state-of-the-art pouch making technology to take our web of printed material and finish your pouch all under one roof. With our unique pouching capabilities, we can:

  • Marry up to 3 different webs of material into one pouch, including metallized material, opaque, or clear films
  • Insert and register printed gussets
  • Utilize any pouch closure options
  • Convert to almost any style of stand-up-pouch in the market
  • Offer recyclable, mono-layer films

Liquid Pouches & Fitment Insertion

Hammer is a one-stop-shopWe have entered into the pouching market in a big way. In addition to our new pouching capabilities, Hammer invested in the highest quality fitment insertion technology to finish liquid pouches, right on our production floor. 

Large fitments to small, baby food to automotive oil, Hammer is once again leading the industry in our capability to provide our customers the best packaging solutions in the market. We oversee the quality and precision from start to finish in our flexible packaging products, delivering you a complete package meeting your highest standards.

The power of the VSOP

Variable Sleeve Offset Printing (VSOP) is Hammer's alternative to expensive gravure printing and central impression (CI) flexo technology. This uniquely-built web offset press is a perfect solution for flexible packaging:

  • No plate costs. Change graphics when you want. Hammer doesn't charge for plates on our offset presses.

  • Unique size and material options. Hammer installed pouching equipment that can marry 3 different webs of material together, meaning that our customers are not limited to one web of material for their project. The webs can be standard pouch sizes or they can be unique shapes to stand out on the shelf.

  • Combination printing. Run different graphic versions at the same time for a promotional pouch or improve your run strategy and efficiency by combining SKU runs based on quantity. No plate costs means versatility!


Why Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging offers a variety of benefits over rigid containers. Here are just some of the reasons to consider putting your product in a flexible package:

  • Improved customer experience - lighter, more portable package.

  • Extended shelf life and better product protection.

  • Uses approximately 60% less plastic than rigid.

  • Direct and indirect cost reduction.

  • Requires almost 50% less energy to produce

  • Brand differentiation and shelf impact. Stand out among your competitors!

Every product is different and Hammer Packaging can taylor the best packaging solution to fit your need. Contact us today to discuss your project and understand all of the benefits of flexible packaging vs. rigid containers.