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Hammer Installs Fitment Inserter

Hammer has expanded our capabilities in flexible packaging by installing the first fitment inserter for liquid pouches.



Hammer has completed phase 1 of a multi-phased expansion of the flexible packaging division. Installing a fitment insertion machine for liquid pouches, Hammer now has the capability to complete packaging for almost any liquid product.

The state-of-the-art fitment insertion technology is uniquely equipped with a 4-step heat sealing process following by a cooling unit to create a high quality, leak-proof pouch. The inserter is capable of fitting almost any size fitment, making this machine perfect for a wide range of products including sauces, juices, purees, automotive lubicants, liquid pet products, and so much more.

In addition to the insertion machine, Hammer formulated leak testing for pouches in-house to ensure thehighest quality product for our customers. The submersion test subjects the pouch to high water pressure. The appearance of any bubbles in the take will indicate a seal failure and Hammer associates will take corrective action immediately to minimize any product waste.

Hammer is now one of the only printers in North America offering this range of capability in-house - from printing to converting, fitment insertion and delivering a completed package.

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About the Author

Kimberly Flynn

Kimberly Flynn

Marketing Manager at Hammer Packaging since 2017. I believe the most rewarding place for a marketing professional is in the packaging industry. The innovation and evolution of packaging is fascinating!

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