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Trends in Beverage Industry

Hammer Sr. VP Lou Iovoli interviews with Beverage Industry magazine about latest packaging trends.



Bev-INdustry-Mag-August-2020-thumbnail.PNGHammer's own Lou Iovoli, Sr. VP, contributed to the August 2020 Beverage Industry Magazine "Sustainability trends drive innovation for labeling materials". As the packaging industry evolves, we have identified some long-term trends including sustainable packaging solutions and more intelligent packaging.

[Quoted from the article] Lou says, "All major consumer products customers are establishing corporate goals for more sustainable packaging solutions. Most are targeting 2025. This is having a major impact as we see a ripple effect in the supply chain of ideas and solutions to meet these goals. Additionally, in the shrink sleeve category the [Association of Plastic Recyclers] (APR) has provided guidelines that are supported now by the industry to have recycle friendly, approved solutions.”

Hammer Packaging’s suppliers are developing closed-loop systems for reclaiming material waste and even recently hired a dedicated sustainability engineer from the Rochester Institute of Technology to support its internal efforts and research opportunities.

“We are currently quantifying environmental impacts from implementing sustainable solutions,” he says. “For example, we have one solution right now that is project to divert nearly 2 tons of plastic waste from landfills annually. It is remarkable how much a trim of film or paper can add up when you evaluate over millions of labels. At Hammer, we are excited about the results and meaningful impact.”

Hammer Packaging’s Iovoli elaborates about how the company is investing in innovations that deliver a multidimensional effect to a label.

“Hammer has had two recent projects that incorporated special effects,” he says. “The first was a HoloPrism product with a pillar’s pattern. There was no question it attracted attention on the shelf.  There are many ways to manipulate the graphics to maximize the effects of the patterns. The second project involved textured coating on the surface of a shrink sleeve. They had a spectacular premium feel as it represented a burlap bag holding fresh produce. Our engineering team is always searching for the next interesting experience for the consumer to best ‘experience’ the brand.”

About the Author

Kimberly Flynn

Kimberly Flynn

Marketing Manager at Hammer Packaging since 2017. I believe the most rewarding place for a marketing professional is in the packaging industry. The innovation and evolution of packaging is fascinating!