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Lou Iovoli Discusses Packaging Trends with AR Metallizing

Hammer's Lou Iovoli participated in a Thought Leadership series with our partners at AR Metallizing to discuss packaging trends during the pandemic and our ongoing new initiatives.



Thought leadership: AR Metallizing interview with Hammer Packaging

Content provided by AR Metallizing

Screenshot-Teams_-Leadership-Articles-Hammer-Packaging-(Lou-Lovoli)-_-AR-Metallizing.png2020 has been unprecedented. The global outbreak of the Coronavirus has affected us all. Where service-based businesses have switched to remote working, for manufacturing industries like AR Metallizing, this hasn't been a possibility. Retaining staff on-site to run machinery has been crucial, especially so for those of us who have a part to play in manufacturing and delivering essential and consumable goods. 

There was no way to plan for a pandemic or the subsequent turmoil from the Coronavirus. That said, some companies have led the charge with how to deal with a new reality. Quick decision making, socially remote working, adaptation of working practices, dealing with a turbulent economy and, perhaps surprisingly, unexpected opportunities have defined the winners of the past few months. 

In a series of interviews with leaders in the industry, our CEO Bart Devos explores best practices, lessons learned and the innovative ways CEO's in the packaging, paper, converting and printing industry have tackled the crisis. 


Emerging consumer trends as a result of the pandemic

Iovoli noted that during the pandemic, food and beverage sales had been particularly strong. Although diners didn't go to restaurants, consumers were cooking at home, children were remote learning from their homes and eating meals at home, and the result was a substantial uplift in grocery shopping with consumers looking to fill their pantries. 

'I think one of the big shifts we’ll see as a result of the pandemic in the US market is that there will be more 'pantry shopping.' What I mean by that is consumers will regularly stock up on more non-perishable items that they can use between their trips to the store. They're doing this because they want to limit their exposure in stores. The days of going shopping every day or popping into the store to grab a few extra items before dinner are more likely a thing of the past. People are looking at what they have at home and are formulating that night's dinner based on what they have available there and then. Packaging will need to support this shift: brands need to jump out and in the pantry, not just on the shelf at the store. Is the packaging nice? Does it catch the eye in the pantry or the refrigerator? Does it have a recipe on it that a consumer might like? Does the label have a QR code that makes it easy for the consumer to find that recipe? Packaging will need to evolve to be more interactive with the consumer in this respect. I think the trend towards pantry shopping at home is here to stay,' says Iovoli.

Visit AR Metallizing's website to read Hammer's full interview and hear Lou speak about Hammer's sustainability initiatives and flexible packaging.

About the Author

Kimberly Flynn

Kimberly Flynn

Marketing Manager at Hammer Packaging since 2017. I believe the most rewarding place for a marketing professional is in the packaging industry. The innovation and evolution of packaging is fascinating!