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Let’s Chill with HammerSHIELD

Insulating cold foods from the outside in with foam labels



What is HammerSHIELD

In the 1980’s, plasti-shield was on the rise for its ability to protect people when interacting with microwaved containers. At Hammer Packaging, we never settle and that is why we created our very own version of the oriented polystyrene foam substrate that can be used to keep food and beverages hot or cold.

We have converted foam labels in both shrink sleeve and pressure sensitive label applications.

Why use foam labels

Using foam to insulate products can prevent the need to add unnatural product stabilizers. Having a reliable packaging solution like this allows companies to prioritize the shift toward clean ingredient labels. With the rise of the farm-to-table movement, consumers demand to know more about what goes in their foods. By eliminating chemically created stabilizers, brands can achieve a more natural and transparent identity.

The foam substrate has thermal barriers which act as an additional layer between the consumer and the product, keeping the product cold longer—a key benefit for transportation and quality at consumption.

HotShot Cans
Best product uses include
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Individual and pint size ice cream
  • Frozen meals
  • Iced coffee
Chef Boyardee Packaging
The Hammer Packaging difference

The Hammer Packaging team are innovators bringing yesterday's materials into the future with state-of-the-art printing technology.

No matter what technology you choose Hammer Packaging makes sure that all foam labels provide 360 degrees of branding opportunity and a sleek conforming fit regardless of shape and size.

Hammer Packaging brings innovation to life with custom designs and features. Contact us today to learn more about the capabilities of foam labels and how our team can help you succeed on the shelf.

About the Author

Kimberly Flynn

Kimberly Flynn

Marketing Manager at Hammer Packaging since 2017. I believe the most rewarding place for a marketing professional is in the packaging industry. The innovation and evolution of packaging is fascinating!