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Holographic Printing

How National Brands Go Digital Using Holographic Print



How National Brands Go Digital Using Holographic Print

As digital technology has catapulted CPG brands into a new era of marketing, some of the nation’s most recognizable brands have found innovative solutions to reinvigorate printed packaging. Product packaging is the “first impression” of a brand to a consumer. Utilizing customized printing techniques and eye-catching substrates can draw a consumer into the brand. Couple the specialized packaging with a fun and interactive digital call-to-action, and a brand can quickly become a social media hit. In 2020, Keurig Dr Pepper and Campbell Soup Company partnered with Hammer Packaging, A Fort Dearborn Company to develop specialized holographic packaging to drive two highly successful social media campaigns.


Campbell Soup Company paired childhood nostalgia with COVID fatigue to create a nationwide campaign to Save the Snow Day. Campbell’s identified that the traditional snow day was in peril this year, as kids continued home schooling and weather has no impact on a virtual classroom. Consumers were asked to sign a petition granting kids a stress-free snow day despite the “new normal”. Nearly 10,000 pledges were signed within one week of the live campaign.

The viral campaign included a promotional label utilizing a holographic snowflake on metallized paper. The graphic image of a snowman (reminiscent of the snowman in the late 90’s Campbell’s commercial) on traditional chicken noodle soup shows the snowflakes shimmering as the can is rotated. 

Consumers took to social media, sharing their play-filled snow day pictures and enjoying hot bowls of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup with the promotional labels artfully displayed. 

The cut & stack labels were printed on AR Metallizing paper, using Hammer’s best-in-class offset press technology.

Snapple-Image-(3).jpgWhat’s In A Name?

Keurig Dr Pepper chose a similar method of engaging their brand fans by promoting a contest for naming their newest Snapple beverage flavor. The brand released Snapple “Name the Flav” in 2020 using a promotional cut & stack label on AR Metallizing’s HoloPRISM film in a column pattern. 

After closing the contest on August 30, Snapple landed on the descriptive flavor name “Pearish Grape”. While the consumer-facing campaign ended, the popularity of the promotional label earned third place in Packaging Impressions Excellence Award Offset category. Hammer printed these labels on the state-of-the-art Variable Sleeve Web Offset press.


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*Photos credited to Campbell's & Snapple

About the Author

Dani Pachuta

Dani Pachuta

Multimedia Specialist at Hammer Packaging