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Updates in Sustainable Initiatives

With our Sustainability Engineer on board, Hammer Packaging is running full speed ahead on some exciting new initiatives.



September 2020 Newsletter

Hammer Packaging Eliminates Poly-Bags

Poly-Bag-Photo.pngAfter careful analysis, Hammer Packaging identified an unnecessary redundancy in our secondary packaging process. As a result, we are eliminating poly-bags from our process for products that are also packed in corrugated boxes. For products that utilize corrugated boxes, the poly-bags did not provide any additional protection or benefits.

Removing these bags from our system will eliminate approximately 4 tons of plastic from landfills annually.

In the Lab

Hammer's testing new sustainable solutions for our customers. Here's a sneak peek:

  • Crystalline PET - APR compliant materials for shrink sleeves

  • Bio-based material trials

  • Sustainable films and monoweb material for flexible packaging and pouches

What We're Doing
  • PEFC certified in 2020 so we can deliver sustainably sourced papers to our cut & stack partners

  • In 2021, we will receive our Sustainable Green Print Partnership (SGP) certification

  • Re-engineering our finishing processes in cut & stack by increasing bundle sizes for select customers. Increased bundles sizes require fewer corrugated boxes and plastic bindings.


    Customer Spotlight: Beech-Nut

    When Beech-Nut shared their sustainable packaging goals, we found immediate opportunities to help them meet their objective.

  • Down-gauging pressure sensitive label material and matrix. Reduces plastic consumption and more energy efficient.

  • First customer to adopt the removal of poly-bags from our secondary label packaging.

About the Author

Kimberly Flynn

Kimberly Flynn

Marketing Manager at Hammer Packaging since 2017. I believe the most rewarding place for a marketing professional is in the packaging industry. The innovation and evolution of packaging is fascinating!