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R&D that's practical and innovative

R&D that’s practical and innovative — With a dedicated and highly-skilled R&D team, we’ve got solutions to meet your evolving needs.

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We are Hammer Packaging.

We Are More Than Just Label Printers, We Are Package Decorators!

At Hammer Packaging, we understand the importance of communicating your brand effectively and consistently. We know that innovation is key, as it has the ability to impact product sales and lower production costs. And, we realize that every company is unique. That’s why every package decorating solution—from design to delivery—is custom tailored to fit your needs.

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Innovation, as unique as your product

Our mantra has long been “Lead. Don’t follow.”
And, we apply this to everything we do.

We are proud to continually invest in the most advanced technology the world has to offer—simply to reduce costs and deliver a better product. Whether your strategy calls for an innovative approach to R&D or one of the latest advancements in finishing, the team at Hammer has a fresh and exciting solution that’s right for you.

Hammer Press Floor

Unmatched in-house capability

Hammer Press Floor

Hammer Packaging combines the latest equipment, the top industry expertise, and an unwavering passion for excellence to create custom packaging solutions that simply cannot be beat.

From Prepress through to finishing, we process billions of high-quality labels per year on state-of-the-art equipment across multiple locations. Needless to say, we welcome your next big challenge.

The markets we serve—the results you want

Across a full gamut of industries, consumer product labels is what we do. See for yourself why so many of the world’s leading brands choose Hammer Packaging time and time again.

What's new at Hammer Packaging?

News & Updates

in mold labeling process
American Meat Institute Sour After Federal Court Ruling Over Meat Packaging

How do you know exactly what you're going to buy when you go to the store? Do you make your purchases based on brands? Do you only buy products that come in familiar packaging? Chances are that you answered yes to the last two questions, because every year, the domestic packaging industry generates $7 billion. In addition, this industry has grown almost 4% in the last five years. In other words, companies know that you are looking for the same old packaging, and pour money into packaging labels that customers recognize. READ MORE

 shrink sleeve label
Get Your Product to Fly Off the Shelves with These Unique Commercial Labels

If you're a manufacturer, you know that selling an item isn't only about developing a great product. It's also dependent on having the right packaging to make customers reach for it on the shelf. If your product doesn't stand out among everything else in the supermarket, department store, home improvement supply store, or other retail space, then you won't see your desired sales volume. As a result, your consumer items and food packaging labels need to grab attention to push past the competition. READ MORE

Public Relations

Hammer Wins Gold at Best of the Web Awards

Hammer Packaging is pleased to announce that, a website designed and developed by Archer Communications, received the highest honor at the Rochester Business Journal’s 2014 Best of the Web Awards ceremony, winning gold as the best overall website. Additionally, the site took first place in the manufacturing category. READ MORE

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